Welcome to my art

Here’s my typical laundry day

My studio is nestled at the base of mossy bluffs among the fruit and vegetable gardens.

Painting and needle-arts merged in 1990 with my first art quilt.  As a self-taught artist, curiosity and experimentation keeps me up-to-date on textile art’s growing influence.

“Textile art is my passion.  Working with fabrics and fibres is the most challenging and satisfying way to create an image. I love exploring its boundaries; adding textural, sculptural, hand-dyed, hand-painted, and embellished elements. Nothing makes my day better, unless doing the same with friends.

The natural landscape is my usual inspiration but I am drawn to just about anything – people, architecture, geometry, texture, colour, glitter…

I am currently exhibiting with the ‘Fibre Art Network’ and the ‘Surface Design Association’.

Song Sparrow Sketch
I’ll find inspiration from the wondrous visitors in my garden then I’ll sketch my composition.